Practice Location Update for Serenity Wellness
Practice location Update

3942 Lake Padgett Dr has closed permanently and we are indefinitely Tele/Video Health. All services rendered by Sheri Lawrence, LMFT, including but not limited to counseling, workshops, yoga and meditation teachings will be held via Tele/Video health services. This decision comes on the heels of Covid-19 making this type of counseling practice very viable, safe and comfortable for all parties involved. We have had great feedback and a growing number of people who are opting for this service. There are many benefits to tele/video health: Counseling from any place at any time you are available, last minute appointments can be filled on the spot and no commute time out of your day. I do believe the vast majority of people I see are healthy enough to use this platform. You can make great strides in your mental, emotional, and physical life balance with my continued guidance and passion for your well-being. Thank you for your support in this time of change. Sheri Lawrence, LMFT .
Please contact us if you have any questions about this change.

Staying Calm During The Unknown

Please remember to be precautious but do not allow stress to overcome you. Being stressed activates the flight or fight which equals Anxiety in the body and can lower your immunity and cause less logical thinking. In a time where our immunity and logical decision making is needed for everyone's safety to get through this time of uncertainty it is important to take time to be still. Some ideas are meditation, walking around your neighbor and getting sun, listening to your favorite music to have joy, continuing to exercise, eat well and sleep. Most importantly limit how much you are listening to news reports, checking in a few times a day just to keep up to date without watching the news for extended periods of time will keep you informed but not induce stress or panic.