Rates For Counseling Services

50 minute individual, family or couples session-I believe that therapy should be affordable for everyone! I have an honesty policy sliding fee scale. I do not check your ability to pay instead I leave it to you to decide what your family can afford and what the therapy is worth to you. The scale is between $80-$120

90 minute couples intensive evaluation session as needed -$160

90 minute intensive mindfulness and yoga/meditation session-$160
under $50,000 per family $80 per session. $50,000-75,000 $100 per session $75,000 and above is $120 per session


Cash, checks, and all major credit cards including medical flexible spending accounts and Health Spending Accounts.


When using insurance, a mental health disorder must be diagnosed to bill. It is beneficial to you to use insurance if in fact you have a treatable mental health disorder such as a mood or adjustment disorder. If you are seeking therapy for the experience of individual or relationship growth, using your insurance may not be appropriate or beneficial to your health record. If you have further questions about billing your insurance please call my office or your insurance company.

Please call your insurance provider to inquire if I am a network provider. It will be your financial responsibility if insurance does not cover your session.
I also accept several forms of EAP plans (employee assistance plans), so please check with your company's Human Resources department to inquire about this benefit.