Tele/Video Health

Serenity Wellness is Fully Virtual Effective 7/1/2020

Serenity Wellness/ Sheri Lawrence, LMFT will no longer be located at 3942 Lake Padgett Dr. Land O Lakes, FL. 

After careful consideration I have decided to go virtual via Telehealth, indefinitely.  All previously offered services will still be available besides massage therapy, Brian Eaton is a wonderful massage therapist and will be referred to as needed, he is primarily located in the Tampa area.  We will continue to have periodic workshops in person and schedules will be reflected on the website as well as email notifications.  Please continue to follow videos and articles I have written on   and

This decision comes on the heels of Covid-19, which proved this practice to be a viable, safe and comfortable service for all parties involved. We have received very favorable feedback from clients who previously opted for this option when both were offered. 

There are many benefits to virtual counseling:

  •  Counseling in your own space, wherever that may be, that makes you feel safe and comfortable
  •  Clients can be seen on a minutes’ notice due to sudden schedule vacancies
  •  No more commuting
  •  Additional flexibility of appointment times


How do Tele/Video sessions work?

You sign into the portal in which you make your appointments and press start session at your appointed time.  We can also use a HIPPA regulated version of Zoom or simply have a telephone call. 

Can I use my smart phone?

Yes, all systems are smart phone compatible.

Is Telehealth sessions as effective?

Studies since 2014 published in journals such as Affecteive Disorders, The National Institute of Mental Health, and Psychology Today found virtual online treatment to be just as effective as face-to-face therapy.  The energy in the room with your therapist can also be shared through video as a great majority of communication is non-verbal. We will work together to make sure the relationship flows with the same ease as an in-office visit. Energy between people is important but is not transmitted just by proximity thus, is not an issue in the change to online. Having a support system you trust and can relate to, is by far the most important part of therapy. 

Are the sessions a different price because its online? 

If you are private pay client the price is the same. Serenity Wellness has always put the financial needs of its clients as a priority and offers a sliding fee scale and affordable rates. We stand by our philosophy that everyone should be able to have access to affordable counseling. A more expensive counselor doesn’t mean a better quality counselor. 

Does insurance cover my sessions for telehealth?

At present all insurances are allowing telehealth without any needed approval until the end of the year, this may be extended. After that time we will need to ask for a waiver which some companies such as Aetna and Cigna already have provided for years. 

What if I do not have a safe space or privacy to have a telehealth session in my home?

With the use of your smart phone you can be anywhere i.e, taking a walk, in your car (not driving) or someones house you feel safe. We can discuss what works for you and if applicable find you an in-person therapist to meet your need. 

I do believe the vast majority of people I see are healthy enough to use this platform. You can make great strides in your mental, emotional, and physical life balance with my continued guidance and passion for your well-being.

Thank you for your support in this time of change.
Sheri Lawrence, LMFT